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Tooele Bit n' Spur

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Sep 8 & 9

State Show at Salina's Blackhawk Indoor and outdoor arena.

Calendar of Events

May 26 - 27

REACH Program (Raising Education through Art, characters, and Hero's will be holding a 2 -day event in the Bit n' Spur Large Arena.  REACH is a 501c3 dedicated to assist and support education groups and schools in History, Literacy, Arts and Anti-Bullying.  We use fully interactive lessons taught by characters and heroes the kids are familiar with to help keep their interest and attention.  Alisa Falkner-Coombs and Mandy Brown are working on coordinating many fun events.  We are encouraging Bit n' Spur members to be creative and come up with ideas to horse related games or other activities that would be conducive to the REACH purpose and goals. Visit the REACH Facebook page for more information

Aug 4 & 5
District 1 Show:  (Pending dates and location)  at the Tooele Bit n' Spur Rodeo Grounds OR Aug 11 & 12 at the Deseret Peak Complex. See Adult Events page for more info.

Aug 25 & 26

Region Show at Salina's Blackhawk Indoor arena (only) (See Editorial comments on Adult Events page)