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Kitchen & Concessions: Lead by Amazing Jamie Shepherd
                                       Kitchen Crew:
Concessions:                  Kym Jones
                                        Katie Wells

Raffle ticket sales:           Melanie & Tyson Rogers
                                        Rodeo Princess Ashlyn Smith
                                        Rodeo 1st Attendant: Kelsey Matthews
                                        Shaylee Brown

Chili Cooks                      1st Laurie Bahe                 Laurie’s Best in the West Beef Brisket Chili
                                         2nd Travis Thorsen           Dead Elk Chili
                                         3rd Marie Smith                Sweet and Wild Chili
                                         Stewart Shepherd             Elk Camp Chili
                                         Mindy Smith                      Angry Bird Red Hot Chili
                                         Jamie Guiterrez                 Hotter than Uranus
                                         Darcy Brockmeier             Twisted Just Right Chili
                                         Tyler Davies                      White Chili Matters

                                         Cindy Elton                        Suck It Up Buttercup Chili
                                         Christine Jones                  Itchy Twitchy Chili
                                         Jodi Bingham                     Cowgirl’s Dream Chili
                                         Veda Dolgner                     Elk-O-Licious Chili
                                         Emily Hamilton                   Elkoholic and Yes I Attend Regular Meetings Chili
                                         Emily Hamilton                   Chili? No I’m Hot
                                         Be Rasmussen                    Free Range White Chicken Chili
                                         Cindy Elton                          Wind Breaker Chili
                                         Nick Valdez                          One Hot Mexican

                                         Bethany Tucker                    Chilighetti

Special Mention:              Ralph James
                                         Tyler and Sylvia Guy
                                         Doug Dolgner

Donations by:                   Barry Elton
                                         Bill Rasmussen (Duck n’ Roll Photography)
                                         Jack Naplin Custom Leather
                                         Christine Jones
                                         Tooele Valley Meats
                                         Coby Champneys’ FFA (Tooele HS)
                                         Robbie Fackrell
                                         Bret Brockmeier & Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
                                         Home Depot
                                         Shammy Shack (Limo Service)
                                         Joe Roundy Tooele Veterinary Clinic
                                         C-A-L Ranch
                                         Emily Hamilton/Elevation Massage
                                         Big 5 Sporting Goods

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